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second man has life threatening injuries. witnesses describe them as latino in their early 20s and several heard a long string of gun shots. >> we just saw a man on the street with a lot of people around him. >> police say they didn't end up making any arrests in this case however. it's not clear how many suspects they are looking for. they are trying to see if they can identity anyone from surveillance video. police don't believe this shooting was related to the giant's celebration. gang officers are also investigating this case. we are live in san francisco. >> reporter: just block away from that shooting it was about giant's pride as the parade
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went through downtown san francisco. heather holmes is live at the civic center. >> reporter: they are starting to clean up now after what was a fantastic world series celebration that included a lot of heart felt thank yous from the players to the thousands of fans who followed their story book season. >> the mvp of the world series, pablo sandoval. >> reporter: the orange and black roared when pablo sandoval came out onto the stage. after a four game sweep of the tigers, the key just wouldn't do to. >> the broom to the city! congratulations on sweeping the word series championship. . >> reporter: the mayor gave the tribute to the team. the manager told the crowd they always believed just as fans did. >> we got down to the reds,
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never say die. we got down to st. louis, never say die. >> reporter: ryan credited the fans for the postseason wins. >> we went to cincinnati and they weren't as loud as you. we went to st. louis they weren't as loud as you. detroit fans, weren't even close to as loud as you. that's why we won. thank you very much. >> reporter: romo sporting a t- shirt that said i just look illegal made a statement about the diversity of san francisco and the team. >> we are a great example of this city. where we all come from. the different faces different places, different folks from different strokes. >> reporter: it also included a very surprised appearance, that's tony bennet sing i left my heart in san francisco and this was a program that didn't disappoint. the thousands of fans who
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gathered here. reporting live in san francisco, i'm heather hoppings. >> and hundreds of thousands of fans did not go home today disappointed. people of all ages had a chance to express their feelings about the world championship team the top of their lungs and it wasn't just the players, giants staff members the front office to, ushers all marched in the parade. >> firstborn, christmas, new year's, it's all wrapped up in one big package. >> reporter: and judging by the number of young fans there may have been quiet classroom around san francisco. >> mike was right there as well along the parade route with all of them and he joins us with what it was like to be in the middle 6 the action. >> reporter: pretty much a classic frank. i spoke to some of the ball
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players, you can tell how much they love the parade as did city officials. you can see the ferry buildings have been so lit up, they have the banner and of course the fans had a great time. they have been out at the ballpark supporting the team all year long and on this halloween the orange and black were out in full force. >> reporter: the fans, they were everywhere. balconies, on poles. >> it's exciting to cement second year in three years. >> the most important part is all the fanfare. everybody's spirit. >> reporter: the fans. >> great city, great team. a party for the ages, for the world champion san francisco
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giants. on convertibles, rolling down market street. especially the nativ es. generations, for 52 year, not one world series championship. then came 2010 and now 2012. >> bleachers. >> >> how is school today? >> good. it was good. >> you didn't go. >> no. >> it was great. >> reporter: the giants as a team will never forget. >> blesses two and three years. couldn't we happier. great city and team. >> reporter: great city, great
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team. just a great way to sum it up. the giants world champs on this halloween night. live here, ktvu channel 2news. >> bart officials say giant fans likely broke the all time rider ship record today. the current record of more than 522,000 riders was set in 2010 on parade day. the last time the giants won the world series. bart added 100 extra staff members today to help make the drive smooth. in case you missed it you have another chance to catch it. we will be streaming coverage from the parade on and mobile ktvu tonight from 7:30 until ten. >> we just spoke to police about arrests made during the celebration. they say there were more than a million people at the parade. 13 were arrested arrested.
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less also arrested a man accused of vandalizing a muni bus. this shows the man smashing the front window of the bus. police say that man has now been identified. he now faces two felony vandalism charges. investigators say they are still looking for other people who little bus on fire. >> it's a rare case to prosecute. we were in court today as a south bay school principal faces allegations of violating a california law that requires certain people to report possible child molestation. >> reporter: a elementary school principal went on trial today at this courthouse. he is charged with failing to report a teacher who may have molested a student a year ago.
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that teacher is a waiting trial. an 8-year-old who took the stand said that she told the principal that chandler had blind folded her and touched her. >> her duty is to report, not investigate. once she has a suspicious she needs to call the police. >> reporter: detectives took the stand today and testified that they acknowledged her notes indicated misconduct. >> she said the notes look bad don't they? and the detective said yes. >> she said i should have called the police. >> reporter: the attorney said that the principal was fooled by a teacher she trusted. >> she didn't have to ask him or prompt him. each of the things that the child had said were covered by the statement that the teacher gave and were explained as part of a lesson and it was clearly
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designed to cover the conduct. >> reporter: the trial will resume tomorrow. if convicted shshe faces six months in jail. in san jose. a man has filed a lawsuit against the redwood city district after he said his son was called a slave by an employee he said his 12-year- old was told to clean up the lunch room of the school. the boy who is african american refused saying he wasn't a slave. the employee allegedly answered you are my slave. the district would not comment on the suit but said the school took immediate and appropriate action and said the employee no longer works for them. >> in lafayette police arrested a woman as part of an ongoing crack down on prostitution. it happened last night.
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officers cited 41. the police chief said the city is in the process of revoking the company's license. in june she passed an ordinance requiring state certificatation of therapists. >> a -- this is scott stevens after a judge bit him and his board. he was surfing off the coast of eureka when the attack happened. after the shark released him he said he managed to paddle to shore while bleeding. three other surfers came to his aid and drove him to the hospital. he has a 14-inch bite wound in his side but no damage to major arteries. he said he could see the shark's head wrapped around his side. >> i opened my eyes under
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water and punched the shark in the received the head a couple times, told it to release me. >> reporter: doctors say that he could be release from the hospital as early as tonight and stevens said he does plan to go surfing again. >> a teen charged with murdering his parents has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors charged the 16-year- old as an adult. they say he strangled his adopted parents at their home back in january. his attorney said that his mental health promises stem from homelessness as a young child. >> the president tours the devastation along the east coast from super storm sandy. how the recovery effort is going. >> back here in just a couple minutes tracking rain on the halloween evening and i will show you which areas will see rain and how long it's going to last.
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. the ethics commission said it's gotten a complaint take a councilmember may have illegally used stires sours for his campaign. it's around his announcement that he is running for an at large large counsel seat. council seat. he said that the complaint seems like a sign separation by opponents. >> more on election 2012. our new ktvu field poll indicates support for the governor's tax measure as slipped below the majority needed for passing. 38% say they will vote no. back in july the measure had
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54% support. a competing tax measure, 38 is also losing. 34% say they will vote yes. . >> thousands of nurses are scheduled to walk out of local hospitals tomorrow in a one day strike. picketing starts at seven at hospitals in alameda, and solano. the california nurses association is striking over a contract dispute that includes issues of sick leave, retirement and patient care . >> five and a half million people are without power in 15 states on the eastern seaboard because of sandy. john fowler is here now with the devastating toll and the promises of help. >> in the last few minutes the unofficial death toll rose to 66, thousands homeless, new jersey's governor today praised working with the president on
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disaster relief. the president toured the devastated new jersey coast late today. he declared new jersey and new york federal disaster areas. >> we are here for you and we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help you need. >> reporter: these pictures in from the connecticut coast, two dead here and hundreds of smashed homes. >> these houses are just absolutely devastated . >> reporter: the thousand mile wide storm america's biggest ever left tens of thousands essentially homeless. national guard troops still rescuing the displaced. >> telling us two days before power here and i lot of the first floor. >> reporter: surreal scenes in new york stanton island a boat washed onto a street. in manhattan flooded underpasses looking like still this house caught on fire as
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floodwaters dropped and power came on sparking a gas leak. owners returned to damaged homes and businesses. >> makes you want to cry because it's just something you never expected to see and you work so hard for. >> reporter: homeowners in new york's breezy point neighborhood returned to what's left of their homes. 11 home burned to the ground after winds snapped power lines. some said they were lucky, insurance covers fire damage but almost nobody had flood insurance. reporting live. john fowler. ktvu. >> the storm that sent wave across the east coast is being felt by relief agency offices in the bay area. fema's area 9 is head quartered here in oakland. so far a ten person team was sent to help with sandy relief efforts. emergency supplies from the moffet field depot could also be shipped east. 30 red cross volunteers the bay
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area have deployed to help and up to 100 more could leave in the coming days. the red cross is asking you to pitch in by donating blood. >> it's one of the most concrete things i can do because i graduated college two years ago and financially that's not really -- i can't give money but i can give blood. >> red cross leaders say blood is needed because power outages have forced the cancellations of blood drives on the east coast. >> we have source now spreading south out of the north bay. here we have the golden gate bridge. rain in nevado, in santa rosa, in napa. the satellite or radar loop, you can see that rain moving in over the peninsula. reports of rain out in ocean beach as well. drizzle showing up in san francisco, downtown, reports of sprinkles out toward lafayette. you get the picture. kids kids are needing the
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umbrella. we go to the social media facebook and twitter. they are great because people on the ground under under the radar. right sprinkles in east oakland. the university got drizzles. that was at 5:50. then we go to alameda, just started there. that's at 5:58. so the showers are coming and i know that people are traying to get out and do what they do. at eight asset source spread further south. most of the difficult is san francisco and oakland north. as we go in to the later evening, around nine a little further soup. san francisco down to belmont, you get the picture. if you are in san jose, i think you are getting away with it. if you are in this area, and move further forward. concord, starting to get showers around 8:30, 9, you get the picture.
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basically san jose, livermore, kind of out of the mix. looks like you will get away with but everybody else, you will get some wet. issued for folks driving, dark, dangerous and it's hard on the kids so be careful tonight as you go out. i know a lot of people got reports of people going early which isn't a bad plan or having already gone especially with young ones. rain in the north bay. we know that. its been coming down. they will get an inch of rain. as which get in to the evening hours, the showers will spread south and will will be an impact onto morning. tomorrow we start to dry out as we head toward the bay area weekend. it'll be warmer and driver. the satellite loop show that system sliding through. temperatures lots of 60s and low 70's and then the five-day forecast, a chance shower on thursday morning but that is not going to be much, overnight tonight. little wet on the roadway, tomorrow a day of clearing, bummer. >> yeah. i was going to say that. >> yeah. >> soggy trick or treaters but moves in and out quick.
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>> yeah. out by tomorrow. >> thank you. >> coming up tonight at seven san francisco police are gearing up for a busy night. partyers coming out to celebrate in the castro district. also. >> the giant victory parade and celebration came off cleanly but now there is the clean up. how the city plans to tackle the mess. >> join us at seven on tv36. >> we are still taking in the incredible eights and sounds of the world series parades ins. mark ibanez will be here to talk about his favorite highlights today's parade in a moment.
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. with all the trick or treaters out tonight sheriff's deputies will patrol the neighborhood today's help keep people safe. today they handed out bracelets, studies show children are ten times more likely to fall on halloween because of dark sidewalks, and all the distractions. >> what a day. we have trick or treating tonight and earlier today, what a great parade. >> yeah. you figure the team spirit has been here since 1958, only two
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of these. if three years. >> exactly. day not soon to be forgotten. when it comes to winning the world series you just never know what you may see another one. estimates we are hearing at this hour estimate the crowd at about -- about the same as 2010, a million or so people. am the giants on hand. matt's car driven by alex smith. the coach driving brandon belt. they were low key. later, hunter pence, city hall spoke to the crowd about the giant's secret ingredient. >> there is one simple thing that happened with this team that hasn't been talked about enough and it was sacrifice. when i went up there and talked to them i asked everybody to sacrifice yourself and play for each other. and you won't see that happen to often with this big a stage, and the playoff was this great a group of stars, they sacrificed their ego and played for you guys and this is what -- this celebration is about
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that. it's about you. thank you guys. everybody -- hands in the air. we will slow clap this and we will bring it up. [applause] . >> hunter pence turned in to quite a character but you know, life never stands still in the world of sports. the parade over. let the warrior season start. they will know the future is to include seth curry. he has agreed to a huge contract extension. this was the last day of the team to sign him or he would have been a free agent come next summer. no questioning his worth when healthy but it's a risk when considering how often he
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injuries that ankle but he is not the player that they could afford to loose. what seemed to be a risk worth taking. they are playing phoenix tonight in arizona, full highlights tonight but that's the sporting life for an early wednesday night. >> optimism is high. >> yeah. and it always is and we will keep it there. >> all right. thank you for trusting us. >>
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